Top 5 Favorite Things to Do In D.C.

Top 5 Favorite Things to Do In D.C.

I always get really excited for trips but I love when they are so much better than I could have dreamed up in my head.

I was recently in Washington DC for Optometry’s meeting. I loved the conference, learned a lot, and it got me really excited for my future profession. Luckily we had plenty of time to explore too. This trip was only 5 nights but it felt like 5 years because of everything we fit in one day and how little we slept. 

I had no idea the district was only 8 miles long until an uber driver informed me and suddenly it made sense why all of our Ubers were so cheap. For being only 8 miles long, there is SO MUCH to do in DC and so many different areas to explore!

Here’s my top 5 favorite things I did in DC.

Exploring Georgetown

I loved the vibe of Georgetown. There were really pretty buildings that looked like they belonged in Hogwarts and the streets had actual brick. The upscale little walking town has so much character and I was obsessed with the colorful streets. It made me happy walking around and just taking it in. The waterfront was gorgeous and they even have kayaks to rent! 

We ate an amazing burger place called Good Stuff Eatery. They also had fun burgers named after presidents like the Obama burger. I loved this place so much especially since the burgers were only $8. I forgot to take a picture of my turkey burger with avocado because I was about to pass out from starvation and I forgot bloggers are supposed to take pictures of their food. 

We also stopped at Georgetown Cupcakes which is the famous cupcakery that had its own TV show on TLC. As a side note, I think cupcakery is my new favorite word. The line moves quick so don’t be discouraged if you see a bunch of people outside. I don’t even like cupcakes that much but I really enjoyed my unicorn cupcake. I have to admit I bought it for the purple frosting and sprinkles but it tasted way better than you would think! 


Duh, I had to include sightseeing. There are certain things you have to take advantage of if you’re in the nation’s capital. I really wanted to rent a Segway but we ran out of time. It would have been so fun! My tip would be to see some of the monuments at night. It was a spontaneous decision one night but it was so awesome to be some of the only people there and avoid the crowds during the day. The Lincoln Memorial was my favorite monument to see at night. Overall, my favorite building we saw was the Supreme Court because we were randomly walking and saw a beautiful building and then realized it was the Supreme Court. It was so cool to think about all the history that was made in the very spot we were in.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

This museum was so impressive. It was probably the best museum I’ve ever been to. My favorite part was the taxidermy animal section. I loved seeing the animals in their true size. We saw the megalodon and crazy fish and rodents we didn’t know existed. They even had exhibits about eyes and we learned about a hyperiid amphipod (still not sure what kind of animal this is…) that has 12 retinas and can see in the extreme darkness.

My other favorite part of the Smithosian was the butterfly exhibit. So worth the $6. My friend and I were trying to catch butterflies, but you’re not allowed to touch them so we were basically just waving our hand and chasing them hoping one would land on us. I was jealous two landed on her hand but then a cute little white butterfly landed on my face and he would NOT leave. When I finally decided I took enough selfies with my new best friend, the guy who worked there had to remove him with a paintbrush so I could leave. I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop smiling the whole time the butterfly was on my face. 

The trippiest part of the animal exhibit was the spider monkey skeleton. It looked just like a human skeleton with longer limbs. People who don’t believe in evolution need to see the spider monkey skeleton because I swear it would make them question everything. 

It was also exciting to see my Fiddler crab friends since I used to take touch tanks of these cuties to elementary schools and teach kids about them at one of my old jobs! In case you didn’t know, the male Fiddler crabs have one large claw whose sole purpose is to wave and attract the lady Fiddler crabs. 

Holocaust Museum 

The Holocaust museum has special meaning for me because my grandpa Tuvia was the leader of a partisan group that built a village in the forest for two years and saved over 1,200 Jews. I decided to visit the museum myself early one morning. I knew it would be an emotional experience but I was fighting back tears the second I walked in. I honestly didn’t spend as much time there as I would have liked reading all the exhibits because I got too emotional and I had to go straight to the conference after. I wish I could have the museum to myself so I could take my time and bawl my eyes out in private. It just blows my mind that the reason I am alive today is because of my grandpa’s courage to fight back while the Jews were being hunted like animals. The Jews were dehumanized, they were treated worse than we treat animals today. I am so proud of how my grandpa resisted. He was awarded the first Medal of Resistance and they had a plaque about him in the museum.

I’ve been to many Holocaust museums but this one was so well done and powerful. It’s in chronological order too so you can imagine what it was like from beginning to end. 

Cava Mediterranean restaurant in Chinatown

I was so impressed with this fast casual restaurant. It was basically like Chipotle but Mediterranean style. I would seriously eat here all the time if there was one near me. I highly recommend it! I liked that it was in Chinatown too so we got to see that. Honestly though the most impressive thing about Chinatown was the 3 story Walgreens that had a clinic on the first floor and a nail salon on the third floor. This was the craziest Walgreens I had ever seen. 


My favorite thing about DC was the cool architecture, but my second favorite thing is how nice the people were! I’m not sure if my Uber drivers were just working really hard for their 5 stars but all of them were so awesome. One of my uber drivers accurately guessed I wanted to live on a farm after 5 minutes of conversation and another stopped the car so I could take a picture of a deer right near our window. 

I was excited to go to D.C. but I never imagined how much there would be to do or how much I would love it. You could spend days exploring the museums alone! I had an amazing time and I’ll definitely be back one day. 

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