California Road Trip | San Luis Obispo

California Road Trip | San Luis Obispo

We chose to stop at San Luis Obispo purely based on it’s convenient location between our campsite at Big Sur and our final road trip stop, LA. 

We didn’t know much about this eclectic little town but I’m so happy we stopped.
On the way, we also stopped at Pismo Beach to see all the elephant seals and sea lions. Before this trip I didn’t know the difference between the two, but once you see them it’s very obvious because the elephant seals have a trunk that looks like a growth that isn’t supposed to be there. They are very odd looking.

Not only do they look odd, but they act strange too. They randomly opened their mouths and made a sound similar to a toilet flushing. I was shocked by the sounds that came out of these things. They love to interact with each other, mostly by biting each other, staring into each others eyes with their mouths wide open, and plopping onto each other. Occasionally they mustered up the energy to waddle a few feet too. Trust me when I say this was extremely entertaining.

After watching these strange creatures, we got back on the road and headed to San Luis Obispo. We had a feeling SLO would have a Target or Walmart and we were right. As soon as we got there we stopped at Target and bought our precious beautiful full size towels. You really take full sized towels for granted normally, but they are truly a great invention. 

After Target, we headed to Downtown SLO which is lined with cute shops, bars, and restaurants. We loved the vibe of this cool little town. The funnest part about exploring SLO was that me and Hana were dressed in matching outfits head to toe.  One of our favorite stops was the Rocket Fizz Candy store where they had an endless amount of sodas in every flavor from Ranch Dressing to Apple Pie. The guy who worked there was nice enough to buy us a Dirt soda which actually tasted how I imagine dirt tastes. We also tried a Pimple soda that was marshmallow flavored. I can’t lie, we only had a couple sips before these went in the trash but it was fun walking the streets with them in our matching outfits while people looked at us strangely 😉

 We also stopped at the Bubblegum Alley and left our mark and our germs on San Luis Obispo forever.

 We also passed a brewery that we decided to stop at called SLO Brew and as soon as we walked in and saw the adorable atomosphere, we knew we made a good decision. Hana and I ordered flights for $8 and Myles got a whiskey drink. They had a bunch of other cocktails besides beer as well. 

After enjoying the brewery, we headed to our campsite for the night, Chumash. It was right next to the Men’s colony which is a male prison so they had signs that warned you of danger if there was an alarm sounded.  We were SO excited to use our newly purchased towels but the showers cost $1 to use and we only had enough quarters for one person to shower. Hana and I let Myles shower and he said the water wasn’t warm and the showers were dirty so if you do stay at this campground, keep that in mind! 

Other than cold showers and prisoners as neighbors, the campground was very cute and had a mountain right next to it. And that’s all that really matters right? 😉 We acutally also had internet at this campground so we watched a bunch of videos of tiny monkeys on instagram and watched Black Mirror. I don’t know if it was the beer, the exhaustion, the fact that Myles kept scaring us and pretending he was from the men’s colony or we were just trying to distract ourselves from our crushed hopes of a fresh shower, but we were all laughing until we cried as we reminisced about our trip so far, watched the videos we had taken, and scrolled through months worth of tiny monkey pictures on Instagram. Then we all passed seriously hoping the prisoner alarm wouldn’t wake us during the night. 

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