Visiting a Fairytale Land | Bryce Canyon

Visiting a Fairytale Land | Bryce Canyon

Kannaraville Falls is a gorgeous slot canyon in Ceder City, Utah, 1 hour away from Zion National Park. It’s the perfect stop if you’re driving from Zion to Bryce Canyon NP because it’s basically on the way.
We stopped on a Saturday and apparently Kannaraville Falls is the place to be on a Saturday morning! It was super crowded but it was easy to see why. To be honest, I wondered how many people knew about this seemingly hidden slot canyon, but I think it’s very popular with locals.

Thankfully there are a lot of parking spots though. Make sure you bring cash because there is a $10 fee to park and they only accept cash.

The hike starts on pavement and sand and after about a mile, you reach the creek. You have the option to walk around it ducking under tree branches and scrambling over rocks or you can simply walk on a straight path through the creek.

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk in the creek at all because I thought my feet were going to get frost bite from the ice cold water! It was FREEZING.

Our cheap Walmart water shoes didn’t do a good job of keeping the water out so my feet started going numb from the pain of the cold water. We wished so badly we had the neoprene socks and special water shoes from our hike through the Narrows the day before.

Eventually our feet adapted and it was fun scrambling up rocks and through the creek until we reached a huge and beautiful slot canyon.


kannarraville falls

We trekked through the creek in the slot canyon for a bit until we reached Kanarraville Falls, a gorgeous watefall with a ladder going up it.

The crowds were insane though and it kind of felt like we were waiting in line for a ride at Disney World when we were waiting to go up and down the ladder. The beauty surrounding us made it worth it though.

We went a little farther past the ladder and scrambled up another falls and enjoyed lunch on a big rock.

We hiked back and then stopped at the Pizza Factory for lunch. Myles and I tried to save as much money on food this trip, so we were excited to find this super inexpensive little salad bar to get some fresh food in us! We also stopped for an ice cream cone at Mcdonald’s after because nothing goes together quite like ice cream and salad 😉

After lunch, we headed to Bryce Canyon National Park!

Bryce Canyon was so awesome. It was such a unique place that reminded me of a fairytale world. We hiked the Navajo Loop Trail and Hanging Garden trail. Unless you are up for a huge challenge, I recommend starting at Sunset Point and hiking down into the canyon. Our legs were tired by this point in our trip and we were glad we didn’t start the opposite direction and have to walk uphill the whole time.

bryce canyon

The hoodoos were so interesting, I’be never seen any kind of rock formation like that. We got to hike Bryce Canyon’s Wall Street which is a series of switchbacks to get up out of the canyon. It really wasn’t as difficult as we anticipated or as steep as it looked!

bryce canyon

After our hike, we went to the visitor center which had a little museum. It was super interesting to learn how the hoodoos were formed, they even had a time lapse of it.

In the museum we also learned that a certain type of deer have white butts and really good vision so the way they alert each other of danger is the hairs on their butts stand up and they can see it up to 4 miles away! Imagine if we could see other peoples butt hairs up to 4 miles away.

We also watched a short documentary about Bryce in the museum because our legs couldn’t handle anymore hiking. I gained an appreciation for this place that I otherwise wouldn’t have after learning how it was formed.

After the documentary it was almost time for sunset so we headed to Sunset Point to watch it. It was quite crowded with Asian and French tourists. We were some of the only Americans which was surprising.

The sunset was so beautiful and unique over the canyon! It was one of my favorite sunsets of the trip. I know I’ve used the word unique in almost every blog post but I can’t think of another word for all of the places we went! It blows my mind how much beauty there is in the world and how much there is to see.

bryce canyon

After the sunset, we had an hour and a half drive to Kanab, Utah to our next Airbnb. We were on the same one lane road almost the whole way and it was super boring so Myles and I found entertainment by watching this car in front of us try to pass the car in front of him. He was tailgating him the whole time and would try to pass and then chicken out. We made bets on whether he would pas or not and I don’t know if it was the exhaustion or boredom but we were laughing SO hard watching this guy. Then I found a new form of entertainment by looking out the window up at the sky.

Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area is known for some of the most amazing night skies in the country due to the lack of light pollution. At the museum they had an interactive exhibit that showed how the night sky looks in a big city, small city, and canyon in the middle of nowhere. It was so so cool and I’m so happy we got to see the amazing sky ourselves when we pulled over to a state park on the way to Kanab. It was my favorite and the most memorable moment of our trip.

The sky was FILLED with thousands and thousands of stars, every inch of the sky had stars and we could even see the Milky Way very clearly. It was one of the most amazing things I’ever ever seen and I couldn’t believe this is how beautiful the sky actually is with no humans to pollute it. I never knew. It’s crazy how the sky really looks like this every night, but we normally can’t see it in our city.


bryce canyon

We finally got to the Airbnb that seemed more like a camp. It was creepy because it was pretty late when we got there and we heard a girl laughing down the hall. There were probably 20 rooms, kind of like a motel. We couldn’t find the shower which ended up being in the kitchen. I skipped showering because it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in months and showered with a washcloth instead but I didn’t even care because how could I after a day like this?!

bryce canyon

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