California Road Trip | Escape Campervan Review

California Road Trip | Escape Campervan Review

I just returned from an epic California road trip with my boyfriend Myles and one of my best friends Hana. We had the time of our lives and a unique experience thanks to our decision to rent an Escape campervan.

escape campervan review

Thank God we discovered this company. I can’t say enough good things about them!

About the Van

There are two types of vans to rent. The Ventura model or the bigger Maverick model. Since we had three people, we opted for the more spacious Maverick model and all 3 of us slept very comfortably!

All vans include:

  • a propane stove
  • full set of dish ware
  • sink
  • 5 gallon drinking water storage
  • solar powered light
  • heater
  • bedding
  • huge comfortable bed

You have the option to rent additional items like snow chains or even a tent sleeper to put on top of the van so you can fit an extra person!

Not to mention all of the vans are beautifully decorated by awesome local artists.


Our van was around $700 for 8 nights. It might sound like a lot but to put it in perspective, on another recent road trip, my rental car was $500 for 10 days and we still had to pay for somewhere to sleep at night! $700 for 8 nights of accommodation plus the freedom to explore and somewhere to cook is definitely worth it. You’ll save a ton by not eating out.

On top of that, their customer service is great and the employees are super friendly and sweet. When we returned our van, we had gone over our allotted mileage but the guy didn’t charge us. (They give you 100 free miles per day with the option to purchase more.)

I’m already dreaming of more trips in an Escape campervan. The best part is they have locations in San Franscisco, LA, Miami, Denver, and Las Vegas which are all great road trip starting points.

escape campervan review

For our Califoria road trip, we flew into San Francisco and spent a few days in a hotel there before picking up the van near the San Francisco airport. I highly recommend NOT driving a huge campervan in cities like San Francisco or LA.

Here is the rest of our route and the campgrounds and RV parks we stayed at.

San Francisco –> Napa (Bothe Napa Valley Campground) –> Yosemite National Park (Indian Flats RV Park)  –> Monterey/Carmel/Point Lobos (Carmel RV Park) –> Big Sur and the California coast (Plaskett Creek Campground) –> San Luis Obispo (Chumash Campgrounds) –> Solvang (Flying Flag RV Resort) –> Los Angeles


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